The swords from SamuraiSwords.eu are designed and forged as cutting tools. Use of our swords for any purpose other than cutting is considered abuse. As with any sword, even a SamuraiSwords.eu can wear out. They may also fail to perform if not used or cared for properly. If your sword has been put to hard use for a longer period of time, it is possible that the useful life of the swords will shorten.


  • SamuraiSwords.eu warrants that all of our swords are free from defects in material and workmanship.
  • Repairs to your sword performed by any source other than SamuraiSwords.eu unconditionally voids the warranty.
  • Our warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse, misuse, loss, improper handling, alterations, accident, neglect, disassembly, or improper sharpening.
  • If a sword fails to function as it was designed, we will examine its condition upon its return to SamuraiSwords.eu, identify why it failed and respond in an appropriate manner.
  • If we determine there is a defect in the manufacture/materials/workmanship, we will repair, or replace that product with the same model or one of equal value at our own expense.
  • If a problem with a returned sword is determined to be caused by something other than a defect in manufacture/materials/workmanship, SamuraiSwords.eu will inform you of whether the sword can be repaired and what your cost will be. Upon agreement and payment we will perform the repair.
  • All costs associated with shipment of the sword are the responsibility of the customer.

Never send us a sword without contacting us first. After you contact us, we will determin what is the proper way to handle the issue. If we ask you to return your sword, we want to advice you to use a strong box and use insured, trackable shipping.

Important notice

Our swords are made by hand. This means that every sword is different. No sword is perfect or is, as you wish, perfect in its own way.