Thank you for choosing us to make your new Japanese sword. The only thing you have to do now is choose which one is matching your personality. What you like is not for us to decide ofcourse but we can give you some insight in the different types of swords we offer. At this moment we have 3 types of blades, but they are all suitable for tameshigiri (cutting):


These swords are made out of one type of steel. We always use high carbonsteel (1095 or T10). These swords are differentially tempered which gives them a hard cutting edge and a softer back. This creates a sword that has good edge retention and is flexible enough to handle the impact of the cut. This tempering creates an authentic hamon (temperline).

Examples: Lion Dog katana, Fire Snake katana, Hana katana, Sakura Dragon katana, Kami katana

Maru folded

These swords are also maru like above, but they are made from folded steel. We fold our swords to create thousands of layers. The result is a very appealing blade with folding lines and an authentic hamon. If you want a blade that is truely traditional, you go for folded.

Kobuse folded

Instead of working with one steel, we use two kinds of steel for these swords. We use a softer steel as core of the blade. We wrap a harder folded steel around the sides and cutting edge. Ofcourse these swords are ofcourse differentially tempered. The different kinds of steel strengthen the effect of hard and flexible, so this is the ultimate cutting sword.