Lion Dog katana


The BushiSwords Lion Dog katana (BS085) is a clay tempered Japanese cutting sword

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Lion Dog katana


The BushiSwords Lion Dog katana is a beautiful and hand forged and hand polished Japanese sword. The impressive blade is made of T-10 high carbon steel. It was differentially hardened and clay tempered. This means that this Samurai sword has a very hard cutting edge and a more flexible back. This gives this katana superb cutting abilities and a very sharp edge that holds very well.

After the forging process, the blade was water quenched and was hand polished in 14 steps! This katana has a truly beautiful and authentic hamon (temper line). The blade is forged in Shinogi Zukuri style.

The Lion Dog katana is mounted with high quality fittings. The tsuba (guard), fuchi (sleeve) and kashira (buttcap) feature a lion dog motif, which give this high quality katana its name.

The tsuka (handle) has genuine ray skin (Samegawa) and is wrapped around with a black leather ito. The full tang construction is secured by two Mekugi (pegs). You can unassemle the blade.

The Saya (sheath) is made of hard wood. A high quality sageo wrapped around the kurigata (knob) makes the sheath complete.


  • Blade Sori (curvature): 0.86 inch / 2,2 cm
  • Overall Length: 40.9 inch / 104 cm
  • Blade: Clay tempered T10 steel
  • Style:  Shinogi Zukuri
  • Nagasa length: 28 inch / 71 cm
  • Handle length: 10.6 inch / 27 cm
  • Razor Sharp edge
  • Good for cutting
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